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  • Change

    Change happens.  Today’s historic events were breathtaking and, if you weren’t paying attention, completely startling.  However, as with most change, the inauguration of Barack Obama was the culmination of lots of work and lots of incremental change over a long time.  Granted, it took an extraordinary man with a formidable team who ran a disciplined campaign.  But more than that, it took a nation ready to embrace change.

    So here we are — hopeful, but aware of the awesome challenges facing this country and the world.  The President’s speech warned of tough days ahead.  However, he also promised some new solutions.  It is within our grasp, provided we remain open to Change.

    [Photo credit:  Huffington Post]

    Published on January 20, 2009 · Filed under: Change;
  • http://crosbygroup.ca/ Connie Crosby

    Thank you for these sentiments, Mary. This kind of change is so needed, and so good to see. I hope the positive effects spread widely.


  • http://aboveandbeyondkm.com Mary Abraham

    That makes two of us! Thanks, Connie.