Intranet Showcase #KMWorld

KMWlogo_Stacked_Session Title and Description: Intranet Showcase

Each year, the global Intranet Innovation Awards uncovers remarkable solutions, sharing them with the wider community. In conjunction with an awards ceremony held at the conference, this session shares highlights from winners around the world. Packed with screenshots, you’re sure to see ideas and approaches that can be applied in your organization, accelerating the pace of innovation.


  • Rebecca Rodgers, Principal Consultant, Step Two
  • Andy Zimmerman (Director, Digital Strategy), McKesson
  • Kristin Lorieo, White & Case
  • Kathryn Gendall (Manager Internal Communications) and Paula Grimsma (Manager Enterprise Collaboration and Desktop ESuport), Goldcorp


[These are my notes from the KMWorld 2016 Conference. I’m publishing them as soon as possible after the end of a session, so they may contain the occasional typographical or grammatical error. Please excuse those. To the extent I’ve made any editorial comments, I’ve shown those in brackets.]


  • McKesson’s Mobile Channel for Employees.  
    • McKesson is America’s oldest and largest healthcare services company. They are a Fortune 5 (not 500) company.
    • They considered rolling out a mobile instance of their intranet that would replace all the local instances of their intranet. However, this was too expensive — with low ROI.
    • They opted for a mobile channel that delivered a curated subset of the functionality of the full enterprise intranet.
      • the primary stakeholder for this channel sits in Corporate Marketing
    • They created an employee app center where employees could obtain apps.
      • includes apps built internally and apps built by benefits providers
    • They created a mobile center of excellence to provide cross-functional governance for their mobile channel
      • they involved security, legal, corporate marketing, IT, HR, etc.
      • it acted as a compliance and certification body
      • it would not build the apps itself
    • They defined a repeatable process that prospective app builders would follow
    • Once the apps are built by individual app builder and certified by the mobile center of excellence, then the app builder has to market the app to employees.
    • Success measurements
      • key points
        • establish baselines
        • collect (at least) monthly metrics by channel & aggregated across channels
        • check your privacy policy before collecting metrics that identify individual users
        • set realistic goals
      • objective measures
        • site traffic
        • site usage
      • subjective measures
        • rate this app
        • mobile customer satisfaction survey
  • White & Case.
    • Their original intranet was “really very bad”
    • Their new site
      • is built on SharePoint 2013
      • met user request for a simple intranet, the users did not want many social elements
      • has far less content — they eliminated 70% of the content of the old intranet
      • is easy to navigate, both via browse and search
      • reflects the best offerings of their firm
      • is continually pruned and managed
      • they have 350 major sites, accessible through a stripped-down navigation tool. Users are able to increase signal:noise ratio by limiting the number of sites they follow. Most follow no more than 5 sites daily.
        • users
    • they have one search bar in their intranet that is the global gateway to their Recommind enterprise search engine.
      • each search delivers a “best bets” functionality that has been hugely popular with their users
      • they also provide “search accelerators”
    • in the next phase, they will add some small social features: like, comment, share, microblog.
  • Goldcorp.
    • They operate their intranet in 3 languages: English, French, and Spanish
    • Their workforce is distributed and most of them do not have access to technology
    • They collapsed 13 portals into a single consolidated user experience. The only difference is that they present local news for individual users.
    • They include a video channel in their intranet
    • Their old intranet had low trust. Now they include very visible view counts, likes, and comments, so now there is much more transparency.
    • Lessons Learned
      • engage your users and celebrate achievements. They conducted 54 interviews, socialized he design, did prototype walk-throughs, prelaunch training, and a “Go Live event
      • Don’t underestimate data migration
        • create content inventories — do some content clean-up
        • run QA tests on migrated content
        • migration tools are not a silver bullet (they used Content Matrix + a lot of specific scripts and macros added on)
        • consider the users — especially with respect to training going forward
      • Have a permissions strategy
      • Own and manage the system