Father’s Day

Over the years, Richard Susskind has provided a great deal of forward-thinking advice for the legal industry. But beyond his work, he also provides a shining example for Father’s Day.

Diffusion of Innovation: How Change Occurs

The speaker is Professor Bill Henderson is at the Indiana University School of Law. [These are my notes from a private global meeting of large law firm knowledge management personnel.] The Diffusion of Innovation field was invented by Everett Rogers. He wrote his first book in 1962, examining why farmers were not adopting the latest… Continue Reading →

Snacking on Big Law’s Crumbs

No matter how careful you are when you eat, you inevitably create crumbs.  Do you know who is snacking on your crumbs? According to a recent LegalFutures article, Professor Richard Susskind includes a warning for Big Law in his new book, Tomorrow’s Lawyers: An Introduction to Your Future:* Professor Susskind accepted that there is some force in… Continue Reading →

Light Bulbs in Las Vegas [#ILTA10]

How many light bulbs are in Las Vegas casino lights? According to WikiAnswers, 9,000,000 light bulbs per floor. Last week, however, the International Legal Technology Association’s 2010 annual conference resulted in a great deal more light in Vegas as one informative session after another caused “light bulbs to go off in my head.”  There were… Continue Reading →

Help Law Firms Deliver Value (ILTA09)

Shift happens — even in law firms. Are you ready? That’s the question that kept surfacing at the ILTA09 conference last week. You’d have to be living under a rock not to have noticed the impact of the economy on law firms and their clients alike.  Thankfully, ILTA09 didn’t just remind us of the bad… Continue Reading →

Alternative Billing, Alternative Lawyering

Richard Susskind likes to be provocative.  And, he’s good at it.  After hearing his talk at Harvard’s Berkman Center for Internet & Society, I found my mind churning with ideas of what it might be like if his vision became our reality.  However, I soon felt stymied by the enormity of the challenge of changing… Continue Reading →

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