About this Blog

Above and Beyond KM is a blog about how we work and how knowledge management can help. My observations are based on my experience practicing law and then practicing knowledge management in a fantastic New York City firm. I’ve also benefited greatly from the enormous generosity of my friends and colleagues in knowledge management worldwide. Their invigorating conversation and probing questions have forced me to think a bit harder about what we do and why we do it. The resulting musings are captured here in an effort to add a little to that ongoing conversation. I do hope you’ll join us.

How to Continue the Conversation:

If you’d like to discuss any of my posts further, please feel free to leave your comments and questions on this blog so that we can develop a community conversation about your ideas and mine.  In addition, you can find me in the following ways:

On Twitter: Twitter.com/VMaryAbraham

By E-Mail:  KMAdvice@gmail.com


V Mary Abraham
New York, New York