In conjunction with my 17 December 2014 ALI-CLE presentation, How Smart Knowledge Management Can Benefit Your Legal Practice,* here are some supplementary readings that provide additional information on the components of “smart” knowledge management. As always, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or would like further information.

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* Here is the description of this presentation:

Even a two-person law firm needs smart knowledge management (KM). Smart KM ensures that when a lawyer advises a client, that client receives the benefit of the experience and judgment of the entire firm. Smart KM helps a firm improve the quality of its work product and client services while minimizing its risk. Above all, smart KM provides the necessary support for better decision making by every person in the firm.

That said, KM is much more than precedent collections and interesting technology. While they have their place in a KM program, the most important element is a firm culture that encourages and supports effective knowledge sharing.

Attend this timely webcast to learn why KM is a must for today’s law offices. Taught by a former corporate attorney with extensive experience as a KM practitioner and teacher, this program explains the benefits of KM and offers strategies for improving the knowledge sharing in your law office.

What You Will Learn

This webcast will cover the following topics:

  • knowledge management: old style vs. newer approaches
  • how KM supports the practice of law and the business of law
  • focusing on the strategic uses of KM
  • building a culture of knowledge sharing
  • relationship between KM and IT
  • practical tips on KM systems

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