Engaging the Elephant

In a time of economic and political upheaval, we need a better understanding of how and why people change. Traditional change management initiatives are not enough. The secret to successful change is engaging the elephant.

Exercising Influence

Working with constant interruption and too little sleep has an impact on the body similar to alcohol and substance addiction. It also results in bad work product and workplaces. Partners must step up to lead change.

The Comfort Delusion

The last few years have been hard. But returning to the office will not automatically restore your comfort. We are different people post-lockdown. Our offices and work expectations must adapt.

Becoming a Robot

Your employer has a secret fantasy: they wish you were a robot. But what if a robot can't do your job right now? Then expect your employer to use software tools and techniques to prod you to behave more like a robot and less like a human.

Move More

For years, doctors have advised patients to move more in order to enhance their physical health. Perhaps we should be giving this advice to employees to enhance their financial health, career prospects, and wellbeing.

Father’s Day

Over the years, Richard Susskind has provided a great deal of forward-thinking advice for the legal industry. But beyond his work, he also provides a shining example for Father's Day.

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