My ClawBie Nominations

December is the month for nominations for the Canadian Law Blog Awards (or CLawBies). In typically understated Canadian fashion, bloggers are asked to nominate other blogs and bloggers of note, and to modestly refrain from plugging their own work. In the spirit of the season (and of these generous awards), here are my nominations: What... Continue Reading →

ABA Journal Blawg 100

What a wonderful surprise!  Today the ABA Journal released its Third Annual Blawg 100 List and I'm delighted to report that Above and Beyond KM has been included in that list along with some truly remarkable law blogs.  The list was compiled by the Journal's editors, who this year asked readers of legal blogs to... Continue Reading →

The Paralysis of Choice

I've been staring at WordPress themes for hours on end and am going cross-eyed.  There are just too many choices.  The problem is that I've been laboring under the foolish notion that somewhere out there is the perfect WordPress theme for me.  Dumb! The reality is that in blogging (as with many* things), all we... Continue Reading →

Blinded by the Light

It's amazing how long a person can agonize about making a change -- stumbling around in the dark, trying to find the path forward.  For me, it literally took months.  Finally, a couple of weeks ago, I tried polling my friends on  Twitter.  The question was simple:  Should I stay or should I go?  Within... Continue Reading →

Great Canadian Content

Growing up in Canada, we were the "beneficiaries" of Canadian Content, a government policy designed to ensure we had enough exposure to homegrown culture that we didn't succumb to the allure of those cultural hegemonists south of the 49th parallel. When I first moved south of the 49th, it was hard to find overtly Canadian... Continue Reading →

Choosing Among 31 Flavors

There is a particular kind of paralysis that can overtake a person standing in front of an ice cream shop counter, trying to choose among 31 (or more) flavors of ice cream. Sometimes you end up choosing vanilla just because it seems impossible to make a single choice from all the available options. That's how... Continue Reading →

Ask a Simple Question

It all started with some folks in Australia that I haven't yet had the pleasure of meeting: Laurel Papworth, Kate Carruthers and James Dellow. Each of them asked a simple question: How do you decide how/what/when to blog? James tagged Samuel Driessen, John Tropea and Jack Vinson. And then Samuel tagged me.So how do I... Continue Reading →

Knowledge Management Blogs

Who needs caffeine on a Saturday morning if you can have a Knowledge Jolt instead? I was about to put the kettle on this morning and stopped to check my Google Reader. That's where I found Jack Vinson's post, A Study of KM bloggers, in which he reports on a recent "explorative study" by Pumacy... Continue Reading →

Encouraged Blogging

The comments to my earlier post, What Have You Learned, indicate that it would be worth pushing the conversation further to see if there is a middle path between the completely mandatory approach (i.e., blog ... OR ELSE!) and the completely voluntary approach (i.e., blog only if it makes you feel good). John Tropea suggests... Continue Reading →

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