No Romances Required

My family loves books. In fact, we've got so many books that they are double (and, in some cases, triple) shelved in several of our rooms. Given the abundance, we periodically have to cull our collection, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to find places that are willing to accept donations of gently used books.... Continue Reading →

That New Customer Smell

Spotted on the side of a bus recently: "New customers are better than old customers because they have that nice new customer smell." Really??? We're told that it can cost six to seven times more to recruit a new customer than to retain a satisfied customer. With an existing customer you can leverage your established... Continue Reading →

What Clients Want

What are the key factors that lead to a successful long-term relationship between corporate clients and their outside counsel? LexisNexis Martindale-Hubbell (in association with The Global Legal Post) have just released a report of a 2012 survey of in-house counsel in Western Europe that seeks to answer that question. The report examines the following issues: Selection... Continue Reading →

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