Keynote: Revolutionizing KM with AI & Document Understanding #KMWorld

Speaker: Paul Nelson, Innovation Lead, Search & Content Analytics, Accenture Session Description: Intelligent document understanding is drastically changing the search and knowledge management landscape thanks to AI technologies. As 80% of all enterprise data is unstructured, document understanding delivers tangible benefits across industries and business functions saving time, money and resources. Paul highlights how one... Continue Reading →

Coalition of the Willing

Lawyers in most firms are given a lot of freedom to decide how to manage their own knowledge. In fact, it's a rare law firm that can demand that its lawyers handle their knowledge in a particular way. For many, the battle began and ended with the document management system. At this point, most firms... Continue Reading →

Bad Habits

Kudos to Jordan Furlong at Law21 for his summary of the document management presentation by Steve Best and Debbie Foster at the ABA Techshow and his thoughtful observations on the depressing state into which lawyers and their document management systems have sunk:The speakers emphasized that the only truly effective DM system is one that makes... Continue Reading →

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