Keynote: The Role of Knowledge and Information in Crisis Management #KMWorld

Speaker: Dave Snowden, Chief Scientific Officer, Cognitive Edge Session Description: Crisis management has moved from planning to a day-to-day reality. However organizations are ill equipped to manage a situation where we are dealing with unknown unknowables or have to deal with multiple Black Elephants (something that changes everything!) competing for resources and attention. What is... Continue Reading →

Where is Your Failure Report?

If your organization is populated by perfect people with a perfect track record, feel free to ignore this post. For the rest of you, I'd urge you to spend a little time with Engineers Without Borders Canada. This nonprofit was founded in 2000 by two young engineers who had "a dream of an organization that... Continue Reading →

Diffusion of Innovation: How Change Occurs

The speaker is Professor Bill Henderson is at the Indiana University School of Law. [These are my notes from a private global meeting of large law firm knowledge management personnel.] The Diffusion of Innovation field was invented by Everett Rogers. He wrote his first book in 1962, examining why farmers were not adopting the latest... Continue Reading →

What Technologists Can Teach Lawyers About Innovation

Many law firms find themselves in sobering circumstances. They are facing mounting economic pressures, more discerning clients, and a deep-seated reluctance to change a way of working that has not kept pace with science or technology. Something has to change. Unfortunately, change means disrupting all that is known and comfortable. It's no wonder that people... Continue Reading →

Disrupt Yourself

httpv:// We sometimes joke in our family that the moment  you think you have everything organized and on an even keel -- watch out! Something is bound to occur suddenly to upset that equilibrium: a key member of your team decides to relocate to be closer to family a strategic vendor goes out of business... Continue Reading →

It’s Time for a Law Firm Hackathon

In the world of law firm blogging there is Bruce MacEwen...and then there are the rest of us. Writing as Adam Smith Esq., Bruce has just completed an extraordinary series of posts entitled "Growth is Dead." In his final installment, The S-Curve, Bruce says that if law firms wish to survive the current economic headwinds,... Continue Reading →

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