Becoming a Robot

Your employer has a secret fantasy: they wish you were a robot. But what if a robot can't do your job right now? Then expect your employer to use software tools and techniques to prod you to behave more like a robot and less like a human.

Living in a Fact-Based World

What dataset informs your mindset? That's the question that Dr. Hans Rosling would ask you if he could. When he probed this issue with his university students in Sweden, he discovered that some of their views in the 21st century were based on a dataset that reflected the reality of ... the 1950s.  In fact,... Continue Reading →

Are You Creating Value?

Am I creating value? That's the key question to start and end every working day. For knowledge management professionals, it can be a tough one to answer honestly. Why? Because many of us struggle with proving the value of knowledge management efforts. We know that we've helped individuals, but we are often hard pressed to... Continue Reading →

Metrics Need Context

I made a mistake the other day.  As I was leaving for work, I checked the weather report to see how warmly I needed to dress.  The forecast said 40 Fahrenheit.  So, my brain went through the following fairly logical steps: On the Fahrenheit scale, freezing occurs at 32 degrees. Today's temperature is only 8... Continue Reading →

What Numbers Can’t Do

Recently I had the interesting experience of reading survey results relating to a subject I actually knew something about. At first blush, the numbers were quite impressive. And then I read a little more closely and discovered that the presentation gave the impression of results that were better than warranted by reality. Since just the... Continue Reading →

You Get What You Measure

You get what you measure. This isn't news -- first you decide what you want to achieve and then you design your metrics to let you know when you've arrived. That's good practice and it's the message of my earlier post, The Metrics Mess. Simple stuff, right? Wrong. You'd be amazed how often folks misunderstand... Continue Reading →

The Metrics Mess

I recently saw the perfect illustration of how we can get ourselves completely tangled up in unproductive activity by measuring the wrong thing. In this case, it was someone on Twitter who thought they had hit the jackpot because they had hundreds of followers. Further, this person was offering advice on how to increase the... Continue Reading →

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