The Comfort Delusion

The last few years have been hard. But returning to the office will not automatically restore your comfort. We are different people post-lockdown. Our offices and work expectations must adapt.

Chasing a Moving Target

When I first began talking years ago about the need to consider more than technology when implementing a knowledge management program, it seemed like a good start to have my technophile friends concede that there just might possibly be elements of user behavior, business process and corporate culture that could have an impact on their... Continue Reading →

Collaboration — All or Nothing?

In my prior post on Culture and Technology, I talked about the need to match carefully the social media tools you are offering in your law firm knowledge management program with the organizational culture of your firm. Now we need to go a little deeper. Many discussions on this topic treat collaboration in a binary... Continue Reading →

Culture and Technology

Knowledge management without cultural awareness rarely is successful. You can be on the verge of deploying the best technology tools in the world, but if those tools aren't in synch with your organizational culture, you might as well distribute quill pens and parchment. Carl Frappaolo (VP Market Intelligence a AIIM International) and Dan Keldsen (Director,... Continue Reading →

True Leaders Value Mistakes

It's a natural human tendency to run from failure. In our understandable need to avoid pain, we try to put it behind us and move on. (The more cynical would say, we sweep it under the carpet, shrug, and move on.) While I'd be the last one to recommend that we should wallow in misery,... Continue Reading →

Knowledge Management’s Secret Sauce: Trust

Fortunes have been made in the food industry through the development and use of "secret" sauces. These are the seemingly-magic ingredients that chefs use to elevate a simple food item into a must have (or must eat).Knowledge management has a secret sauce -- it's trust. Trust is the magic ingredient that reliably increases user participation.... Continue Reading →

Error + Flexibility = Innovation

Error + Flexibility = Innovation is a formula few of us were taught in school.  Even fewer of us were told about this during our orientation at our law firms.  Law firms, like most businesses, spend time thinking about the right way of doing things.  This results in business processes that are hardwired into the... Continue Reading →

KM Tools and Culture

In his Notes on Productivity blog, Eric Mack makes the following observation about technology and culture:In the mid 1990s many of us thought of and promoted products (e.g. Lotus Notes) as Knowledge Management (KM) "solutions", rather than "tools".For organizations that did not develop an underlying methodology or knowledge sharing culture, they blamed the "solutions" [read:... Continue Reading →

Culture Matters

A persistent theme of this blog is that when it comes to doing knowledge management right, culture matters. In fact, there are days when I'd argue that having the right organizational culture in place is as important (if not more important) than having the best technology. You can buy great tech tools, but if you... Continue Reading →

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