Becoming a Robot

Your employer has a secret fantasy: they wish you were a robot. But what if a robot can't do your job right now? Then expect your employer to use software tools and techniques to prod you to behave more like a robot and less like a human.

Father’s Day

Over the years, Richard Susskind has provided a great deal of forward-thinking advice for the legal industry. But beyond his work, he also provides a shining example for Father's Day.

2022 or 2020-Too?

If the first quarter of this year is a portent, 2022 promises to be challenging. So how do we ensure that 2022 is not a repeat of 2020? Retreating to 2019 is not the answer. Instead, use what we've learned since 2020 to improve our outcomes.

Teamwork is Hard Work

Most blog posts I publish here are written from my home office in New York City.  This one is an outlier -- I'm writing from the balcony of my hotel room, which overlooks the Mediterranean. What brings me to the French Riviera? Believe it or not, work. (It's hard work, but someone's got to do... Continue Reading →

When I Grow Up

We tell ourselves stories all the time. Stories that help us make sense of our days; stories that help us simply make it through our days. On occasion, we tell ourselves lies. Sometimes all it takes for us to understand how false our stories are is to hear their lines uttered by someone completely unexpected.... Continue Reading →

Remembering Carl Frappaolo

On Thursday, March 21, the family and friends of Carl Frappaolo are gathering in Boston to celebrate the life of one of the leaders of the knowledge management community. Since I cannot be in Boston for that gathering, I am writing some remembrances here. I last saw Carl at the KMWorld conference in October 2012 where he... Continue Reading →

Don’t Leave Talent on the Table

Have you ever made the mistake of leaving talent on the table when hiring or staffing? If so, you should consider what Robert Austin has to say in the video below about the Danish software testing company, Specialisterne. This company recruits and retains a workforce that is uniquely suited to the rigors of software testing.... Continue Reading →

Disrupt Yourself

httpv:// We sometimes joke in our family that the moment  you think you have everything organized and on an even keel -- watch out! Something is bound to occur suddenly to upset that equilibrium: a key member of your team decides to relocate to be closer to family a strategic vendor goes out of business... Continue Reading →

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