Are You Creating Value?

Am I creating value? That's the key question to start and end every working day. For knowledge management professionals, it can be a tough one to answer honestly. Why? Because many of us struggle with proving the value of knowledge management efforts. We know that we've helped individuals, but we are often hard pressed to... Continue Reading →

Collaboration’s ROI

Collaboration is like motherhood and apple pie.  Who will publicly say that it's a bad thing?  Nevertheless, many knowledge workers have private work habits that inhibit collaboration.  Further many of their organizations don't do enough to change these behaviors.  Why?  In many cases, because they have not yet realized the enormous benefits that can accrue... Continue Reading →

Why Worry About Law Firm KM ROI?

From time to time, law firm knowledge management junkies twist themselves into knots trying to determine the best way of calculating the return on investment (ROI) of knowledge management efforts. I'm as guilty as the rest for engaging in this exercise. A few have suggested that thinking about ROI is not helpful to KM since... Continue Reading →

Envious of ROI

A newly-published article on knowledge management began with the following example to illustrate why organizations should even bother with a KM program:Siemens, the global telecommunications giant, recently won a $460,000 contract in Switzerland to build a telecommunications network for two hospitals in spite of the fact that its bid was 30% higher than the competition.... Continue Reading →

Getting Your Money’s Worth Out of KM

Lately I've been thinking about whether law firms value knowledge management and how to measure knowledge management ROI. The underlying concern is that law firms don't know how to measure and value knowledge management activities. (If you ask most law firm knowledge managers if their firms are doing a good job valuing KM, I suspect... Continue Reading →

Measuring Knowledge Management ROI

We've achieved unprecedented levels of unverifiable productivity! That's the punch line from a fabulous Dilbert cartoon I saw last year. And, it sums up so much of what passes for measuring the Return on Investment (ROI) of knowledge management. All too often knowledge managers report on their level of activity because that is concrete, but... Continue Reading →

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