Intelligent Search in Action

Hear how one organization used intelligent search to enable frontline professionals to streamline access to knowledge and information reducing average handle time of client service requests and increase speed to proficiency for new hires.

Enterprise Search Analytics and Reporting #ILTA12

The moderator is Tanisha Little (Senior Manager Knowledge Management, Morrison & Foerster), and the speakers are Rizzi (Directors, Knowledge Delivery, White & Case), and Michael Williams (Director of LIfecycle Information Management, eSentio Technologies). [These are my notes from the International Legal Technology Association's 2012 Conference 2012. Since I'm publishing them as soon as possible after... Continue Reading →

A Better Way for Lexis and Westlaw

A Notice to Lexis and Westlaw:  You would be well-advised to read this post since it proposes a better model for your products.  (As for the royalty checks you'll owe me, let's talk...) For a few brief months early in my legal career, I was a litigation associate.  As such, the main focus of my... Continue Reading →

A Google Instant Experiment

Sometimes my curiosity gets the better of me. That happened this morning, when I wondered what Google Instant would do to some typical searches of mine. The results were thought-provoking: When I typed "law" >> Google Instant served up information on Law via Wikipedia and then information on the television show "Law and Order" first.... Continue Reading →

Google Blink Not Google Instant

Google unveiled Google Instant on September 8. By most accounts, it's an impressive step forward in search technology that brings us closer to immediate gratification. Until now, most of the time related to searching was spent typing a query and then evaluating the answers.  Typically, one would type a query, hit enter, review the results... Continue Reading →

Are We Organizing the Right Stuff?

As a self-confessed pack rat, I've had a morbid fascination for folks who preach and practice the virtues of minimalism and a clutter-free existence.  Call it a form of self-abuse, but I just can't help reading their propaganda.  And then, I come every workday to a business that never has a shortage of stuff to... Continue Reading →

The KM Solution?

In a recent meeting,  a vendor said with great enthusiasm, "Let me show you our KM solution."  For a brief moment of intense joy, I actually thought I was about to experience KM enlightenment. I should have known better. After a bit of fanfare, he unveiled ... a search engine.  Admittedly, it appeared to be... Continue Reading →

KM in an Era of Information Snacking

In a recent letter to his customers about the eBook reader Kindle, Amazon's Jeff Bezos discussed the current tendency to engage in "information snacking":We humans co-evolve with our tools. We change our tools, and then our tools change us. Writing, invented thousands of years ago, is a grand whopper of a tool, and I have... Continue Reading →

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