Energizing Organizational Learning through Narrative #KMWorld

Speaker: Dr. Madelyn Blair, President, Pelerei Session Description: Narrative intelligence is a critical approach that helps an organization to strengthen its organizational vision, enhance communication, share organizational knowledge, externalize and internalize tacit knowledge, encourage innovation, build communities, and to develop effective social media strategies. The speaker shares strategies, cases, and exercises on how using narrative intelligence through channels offered by... Continue Reading →

Tell Me A Good Story

When we work in an area like knowledge management that is hard to reduce to useful numbers, it can be challenging to prove ROI for the bean counters. In fact, some would argue that numbers can never tell the whole story regarding a knowledge management initiative. So what works better? Find your success stories and... Continue Reading →

What’s Your Story?

Tell me one riveting story about your knowledge management system or its content. Just one. <I'm waiting...> Nothing? Too bad.  You and your KM system have flunked an essential test. We've been raised from childhood to hear and tell stories.  We listen and we remember, sifting through the words until we find some meaning.  That's... Continue Reading →

Do They Give You Eggs for E2.0?

Be grateful for your insightful friends. Their wisdom can speed your path to learning. Accordingly, I'd like to thank Mark Gould and Jack Vinson, both of whom were kind enough to comment on my earlier post, The Four Chickens Problem.  In that post I discussed the challenges to adoption that organizations distributing bed nets face... Continue Reading →

What Numbers Can’t Do

Recently I had the interesting experience of reading survey results relating to a subject I actually knew something about. At first blush, the numbers were quite impressive. And then I read a little more closely and discovered that the presentation gave the impression of results that were better than warranted by reality. Since just the... Continue Reading →

Storytelling and Law Firm KM

As I was writing my earlier posts recounting Dave Snowden's concept of "fragmented knowledge" and Fred Nikols' strong recommendation that we focus knowledge management on human interactions and development rather than structured content, I must admit that I experienced mild anxiety about the implications of this for law firm knowledge management.For years we've been chasing... Continue Reading →

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