Look At Yourself

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zkd5dJIVjgM Hello everybody! Look at yourself.  Now back to me. Now back at yourself.  Now back to me. Sadly... you are not a Monster. [A MONSTER????!!!] Those are the words of Sesame Street's engaging blue monster, Grover, spoken in a clever twist on the now-famous Old Spice Man television commercial. (See below) These videos show... Continue Reading →

Avoid Depression

A friend at another firm e-mailed me today thanking me for my earlier post, What's Your KM Priority?   In her e-mail she said, To me KM has to be `strategic' to avoid being depressing. On this gray, rainy day in New York City, I know exactly what she means.  The purpose of strategy is to... Continue Reading →

The Problem with Low-Hanging Fruit

When I first started in the knowledge management business, I asked a group of senior New York law firm knowledge management experts what advice they would give me. One extremely pragmatic colleague said: "Collect the Low-Hanging Fruit."Nearly a decade later, I still find I keep an eye out for low-hanging fruit. However, now I have... Continue Reading →

Is Your Knowledge Management Strategic?

In honor of Canada Day, here's a Canadian perspective on developing a knowledge strategy. Courtesy of Knowledge Flow, we have an article published by the Queen's University School of Business entitled Creating a Knowledge Strategy for your Organization: A Special KM Forum Report.This article provides a useful overview of knowledge management. For example it begins... Continue Reading →

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