Cash or Credit?

Given the economic realities of this year, many firms have found themselves unable to offer their employees material increases with respect to either salary or benefits. So how do you let colleagues know they are valued when you don't have cash?  It's simple -- use Credit. When I say "use credit," I don't mean to... Continue Reading →

One Year Later

Just over one year ago, I dipped my toes in the blogging water and was delighted to discover that the temperature was fine.  In fact, swimming in this pool during the last year has been a ton of fun.  And, along the way I've learned a great deal -- about knowledge management and about life. ... Continue Reading →

Great Canadian Content

Growing up in Canada, we were the "beneficiaries" of Canadian Content, a government policy designed to ensure we had enough exposure to homegrown culture that we didn't succumb to the allure of those cultural hegemonists south of the 49th parallel. When I first moved south of the 49th, it was hard to find overtly Canadian... Continue Reading →

Gratitude on Thanksgiving Day

It's good to have a day to remember the good in life. And, it's even better when that day is a public holiday. As usual, we'll be spending the day at the home of some dear friends who happen to be phenomenal cooks and generous hosts. In addition, they have a talent for gathering a... Continue Reading →

The Power of Saying Thank You

Yesterday a colleague asked me to help him locate a particular sort of precedent that was not all that common. When I asked him about his time frame, his reply was "the usual." (Based on prior experience, I knew that the best translation for that was "yesterday.") After quickly reorganizing my schedule, I turned to... Continue Reading →

Gratitude on Tax Day

April 15 is the day we count our blessings and then give a cut to Uncle Sam. While the offering to Uncle Sam may be grudging, it is with absolute sincerity that I'd like to thank the folks who have helped launch my new blog.First and foremost, Joy London, whose recommendation in excited utterances led... Continue Reading →

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