Reading the Landscape

The sign was clear.  It proudly announced that yet another bank I'd never heard of before was about to open a new branch on a busy corner in Manhattan.  With the opening of that branch, there will be three different banks at that single intersection. If you walk down the street, you'll soon discover that... Continue Reading →

Do You Really Know?

Do you really know how your colleagues work? Do you really know what they need? Are you sure? If you don't truly understand them, how can you provide the right knowledge management and technology support to help them? Every time I hear someone in law firm knowledge management or IT say "Our lawyers would never...,"... Continue Reading →

Bevin Hernandez Keynote: Culture & Engagement

Bevin Hernandez, Project Manager, Penn State "You have installed your Enterprise 2.0 solution. Now you're wondering, “what's next?” Bevin answers that question by explaining what to include in your strategy to realize Enterprise 2.0's business value as well as the uncommon approach taken by Penn State Outreach to transform their organization." Background: [These are my... Continue Reading →

Feel First, Act Next

Lawyers pride themselves on being logical. Our work lives are focused on problem solving and we relish the intellectual challenge of finding innovative solutions to the issues that vex our clients. It's therefore not surprising that in designing law firm knowledge management systems we tend to focus first on a rational design and sensible implementation. ... Continue Reading →

Women Love Drama?

"Women love drama!"  I overheard this pearl of wisdom on the street the other day. If I hadn't been racing to a meeting, I might have stopped to engage with the two "gentlemen" who were pontificating about women on a busy street corner in Manhattan. Perhaps it's just as well that I was in a... Continue Reading →

Don’t Break Noses

He nearly broke my nose yesterday. We were both walking at the typical New York City pace (fast), when I rounded the corner and almost ploughed right into him. If we hadn't stopped ourselves in time, we would have had a broken nose or two. What happened?  We were walking in opposite directions in tunnels... Continue Reading →

Trading Our Privacy

In Rousseau's social contract, people surrendered part of their autonomy to a central authority in order to gain the benefits of civil society, not least among which were social order and personal security.  In the Internet's social contract, we seem to have given up our bargaining power.  All too often we surrender our privacy because... Continue Reading →

How to Ruin an IT Project

If you ask users, they might well tell you that in their experience of KM and IT implementations, the old saying sadly holds true:  "There's many a slip twixt the cup and the lip."  That saying captures what often happens when law firm knowledge management and IT personnel start building systems to "meet user requirements." ... Continue Reading →

When Right is Easy

Pearls of wisdom sometimes turn up in the unlikeliest of places. In this case, I was sitting through yet another vendor presentation when the voice behind the PowerPoint slides said: "Make doing the right thing the easy thing." Brilliant. When we deploy new technology or knowledge management systems, we have enormous influence over the users. ... Continue Reading →

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