Findability and Innovation #IKNS

Jeff Carr is  senior productivity technology specialist for Microsoft Canada. He works with clients to help them understand how to use the Microsoft productivity tools. His background is in information architecture and information management. His experience is 50% as a consultant, 40% working in an organization, and 10% working for a vendor. Jeff is joined... Continue Reading →

Making a Case for Knowledge Management #IKNS

The panelists in this session are: Jeff Carr (Senior Productivity Technology Solutions Professional, Microsoft), Ed Hoffman (CKO at NASA), Tom Stewart (Chief Marketing and Knowledge Officer, Booz and Company, and author of Intellectual Capital: The new wealth of organization*), and Bob Libbey (Head of Digital & Social Communications, Pfizer) [These are my notes from Columbia University's 2013... Continue Reading →

Business Thought Leadership Strategy #IKNS

Art Kleiner is an editor-in-chief at strategy + business and Booz & Co. His talk is based on materials he developed with George Roth at MIT's Organizational Learning Center (now the Society for Organizational Learning). [These are my notes from Columbia University's 2013 summer residency program for its Masters of Science in Information and Knowledge Strategy. Since I'm publishing... Continue Reading →

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