JAG Connect:Army Lawyers go Social #ILTA12

Col. Scott Reid is the Chief Knowledge Officer of the US Army JAG Corps. The JAG has about 2,500 lawyers, plus almost an equal number of support staff, plus the same number again in the reserves. Their offices are in 21 countries. [These are my notes from the International Legal Technology Association's 2012 Conference 2012.... Continue Reading →

Enterprise 2.0 at the State Department

It's wise to creep out of our law firm silos from time to time to see how people in other walks of life approach knowledge management. Each time I venture out I inevitably discover that some of the challenges facing law firm knowledge management personnel are shared by our colleagues in other industries. Better still,... Continue Reading →

The E2.0 Challenge: Be Disruptive

Your organization's social media effort needs you to be a mad scientist..on wheels! Huh???? Forget the long production cycles, forget the boring committee meetings, forget the five-year plan.  Your Enterprise 2.0 project needs creativity and momentum.  The way to get it is to be an agent provocateur, an iconoclast. Someone willing to think outside the... Continue Reading →

Trust No One

"Trust No One." Those were the ominous words I saw recently on a poster promoting the new Harry Potter movie.  In the context of the life and death struggle between the forces of good and evil portrayed in the movie, the warning may well be justified.  However, when that approach migrates from Hollywood fantasy to... Continue Reading →

Enterprise 2.0 at #ILTA10

If you've been curious about social media and how to use these tools in your law firm or law department, the ILTA 2010 Conference has several sessions that will help you. In particular, ILTA is offering a full day of sessions on Wednesday, August 25,that will lead you through some inspirational and intensely pragmatic aspects... Continue Reading →

E2.0 Stag Party

An Enterprise 2.0 project is sufficiently different from a traditional knowledge management or IT project that it can be a little disconcerting at first. Some experts recommend what seems like a 1960s free love approach -- anything goes and, by the way, I'm ok and you're ok. At the other extreme are the traditionalists who... Continue Reading →

Mash-Up Magic

As Enterprise 2.0 tools gain acceptance within organizations around the world, we are finding new ways to unearth and connect useful information. For some organizations, a key to this has been to create mash-ups between existing collections of data. The magic of mash-ups is quite wonderful -- by joining two known things you can create... Continue Reading →

Where’s the E2.0 Beef?

You've got to help me out folks! Sometimes it feels like I've been a voice crying in the wilderness, telling the good news of Enterprise 2.0 to anyone in the law firm world that will listen. The problem is that we're not seeing a whole lot of law firm adoption success stories. Why? Are law... Continue Reading →

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