Google Plus and Greta Garbo

Greta Garbo would have hated Google+.  To be honest, she probably would have hated Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and MySpace as well.  However, after spending just a short while on Google+, I can see that it would really have given her hives. For those of you who actually have been on vacation these last few days... Continue Reading →

How High the Moon?

I'm not easily impressed, but today Google impressed me.  How?  They put an extraordinary "Google Doodle" on their search page in honor of the June 9 birthday of the legendary guitarist, Les Paul. (See video below.) One of the great benefits of living in New York City is that we have access to amazing performers.... Continue Reading →

A Google Instant Experiment

Sometimes my curiosity gets the better of me. That happened this morning, when I wondered what Google Instant would do to some typical searches of mine. The results were thought-provoking: When I typed "law" >> Google Instant served up information on Law via Wikipedia and then information on the television show "Law and Order" first.... Continue Reading →

Google Blink Not Google Instant

Google unveiled Google Instant on September 8. By most accounts, it's an impressive step forward in search technology that brings us closer to immediate gratification. Until now, most of the time related to searching was spent typing a query and then evaluating the answers.  Typically, one would type a query, hit enter, review the results... Continue Reading →

Ahead of its Time

Yesterday's announcement about the end of Google Wave saddened me. I was one of the lucky ones who had access to the beta site early last fall. To be honest, it was great to be part of the reconnaissance group. A lot of the initial conversation was pretty basic, along the lines of "Does anyone... Continue Reading →

Trading Our Privacy

In Rousseau's social contract, people surrendered part of their autonomy to a central authority in order to gain the benefits of civil society, not least among which were social order and personal security.  In the Internet's social contract, we seem to have given up our bargaining power.  All too often we surrender our privacy because... Continue Reading →

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