Running on Empty

Do you know what kind of fuel you need for inspiration and innovation?  I discovered the answer to that question the hard way this past weekend. Last weekend several members of my family achieved important milestones. As a result, the entire weekend was taken up with large family events. And, with all that celebrating, I... Continue Reading →

Do You Need a Failure Target?

We know that failure is necessary for innovation.  In fact, experience shows that repeated failure usually precedes a major breakthrough.  So then, why do we constantly run from failure when we should be planning for it?  According to Scott Anthony, it's because the cost of failure is perceived to be so high that we don't... Continue Reading →

The Patron Saint of KM

At the recent LegalTech 2009 conference, nearly every session I attended started with some variant of the words: "Doing more with less." To be honest, even the session I spoke at spent some time on why a downturn is a good time to invest in social media tools. (Hint: Social media tools help you do... Continue Reading →

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