Making Lawyers Behave Nicely With Each Other

The Florida Supreme Court wants lawyers to behave nicely with respect to their opponents.  Here's how the court's recent action is described in a press release by the American Board of Trial Advocates: Commenting that `concerns have grown about acts of incivility among members of the legal profession,' the high court noted ABOTA's efforts to stress... Continue Reading →


"It's only a teaspoonful," I overheard the six-year old girl say in all seriousness as she explained to a boy in her class the nature of the contribution the male of the species makes to procreation. The look of horror on the boy's face was positively comical as he reacted viscerally with the expression "TMI!... Continue Reading →

Innovation Requires Time

Some things cannot be rushed. I was reminded of this truth when reading the description of Joseph Priestly in Jack Vinson's book review of The Invention of Air: The book is engagingly written, describing Priestly in both his positive and negative qualities and how his work fits into the greater context of what was happening... Continue Reading →

Do They Give You Eggs for E2.0?

Be grateful for your insightful friends. Their wisdom can speed your path to learning. Accordingly, I'd like to thank Mark Gould and Jack Vinson, both of whom were kind enough to comment on my earlier post, The Four Chickens Problem.  In that post I discussed the challenges to adoption that organizations distributing bed nets face... Continue Reading →

Social Media Snake Oil

There are far too many snake oil salesmen in the social media business. If you believed their marketing claims, you might think that social media tools are the remedy for everything that ails you. Unfortunately, as more companies and individuals are finding out, that's simply not true. Equally, there are far too many uneducated consumers... Continue Reading →

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