Using Technology to Manage Costs

If you've read Alternative Billing Alternatives and Update on Alternative Billing, you now know that the panelists on ILTA's Using Technology to Manage Costs, Increase Profitability and Support Billable Hour Alternatives session believe that bare discounts are going to have a negative effect on a law firm's profitability unless that firm significantly trims its costs... Continue Reading →

Update on Alternative Billing (ILTA09)

Writing Alternative Billing Alternatives gave me an excuse to contact my friend, Jeff Rovner, for some background detail on the superb session he, Jeffrey Brandt,Thomas Gaines, and Eugene Stein presented at ILTA09. In our e-mail exchange today, he provided the following additional insights: In his original example, he proposed a 10% discount in rates for... Continue Reading →

Alternative Billing Alternatives (ILTA09)

Thinking creatively about alternative billing structures is something increasing numbers of lawyers and law firms are grappling with. To help with this, Thomas Gaines, Jeffrey Brandt, Jeffrey Rovner and Eugene Stein gave a terrific presentation at ILTA09 regarding how technology might assist with alternative billing arrangements.  They started by exploding some common alternative billing myths,... Continue Reading →

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