When I Grow Up

We tell ourselves stories all the time. Stories that help us make sense of our days; stories that help us simply make it through our days. On occasion, we tell ourselves lies. Sometimes all it takes for us to understand how false our stories are is to hear their lines uttered by someone completely unexpected.... Continue Reading →

Are you ready to do this? Prepare to transform your Enterprise and its culture [#e2conf]

This session is presented by Simon Scallion (Social Media Lifeguard, CSC) and Kevin Jones (Social Strategist and consultant to NASA). The session focuses on 6 key considerations of social business transformation.  You can find the session slides athttp://www.e2conf.com/boston/2011/presentations/workshops.  Username: workshop; Password: boston2011. [These are my notes from the Enterprise 2.0 Conference 2011 in Boston.  Since... Continue Reading →

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