Making Lawyers Behave Nicely With Each Other

The Florida Supreme Court wants lawyers to behave nicely with respect to their opponents.  Here's how the court's recent action is described in a press release by the American Board of Trial Advocates: Commenting that `concerns have grown about acts of incivility among members of the legal profession,' the high court noted ABOTA's efforts to stress... Continue Reading →

What Makes Lawyers So Challenging?

What makes lawyers so challenging? No, this is not the beginning of a lawyer joke! Rather it's the question that was answered at an informative session held at the Practising Law Institute in New York City.  As part of a day-long program on legal project management, the organizers asked Mark I. Sirkin, Ph.D., to speak... Continue Reading →

Wasting Your Life

After years of sitting quietly listening to the complaints, I've finally had enough. Critics of the legal profession and the billable hour speak of all lawyers as if they are identical, mindless billing machines. While many (but not all) of us do account for our time by the billable hour, that does not necessarily mean... Continue Reading →

Can Thinking Like A Lawyer Be Bad for KM?

Michael Melcher believes that thinking like a lawyer is bad for a lawyer's career.  He lays out his interesting arguments in a recent piece for the ABA Journal.  Here are the lawyerly attributes that he believes handicap lawyers when thinking about their own careers: • Analyze rather than explore. • Focus on flaws and potential... Continue Reading →

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