SharePoint Collaboration [LegalTech 2011]

SharePoint Collaboration Across Your Team. Panelists: Meredith L. Williams (Director of Knowledge Mangement at Baker, Donelson) and Steve Fletcher (Chief Information Officer at Parker Poe). [These are my notes from LegalTech NY 2011.  Since I'm publishing them as soon as possible after the end of a session, they may contain the occasional typographical or grammatical... Continue Reading →

Internalizing & Off Shoring Information Management

Lessons Learned from Internalizing and Off Shoring the Management of Information [Internalizing means moving information management responsibilities inside your in-house legal department. Off shoring means using vendors who handle the work outside the US. While this session was primarily focused on eDiscovery and document review, the lessons are useful if you are rethinking how to... Continue Reading →

Efficiencies for Your Bottom Line

Efficiencies for Your Bottom Line: Five Steps to Reducing Costs in the Next 6 Months Panelists: Joy Saphia, Huron (Moderator) Mary Pape, Director of Global Complex Litigation, Dell Gary Nelson, Medtronic Ellen Rosenthal, Chief Counsel, Pfizer Legal Alliance Lani Miller, Litigation Department, Bank of America [These are my notes from LegalTech NY 2011.  Since I'm... Continue Reading →

Tech Conferences Struggle With Technology

When will tech conferences master technology? If recent experience is any guide, it appears that providing adequate WiFi access at tech conferences is as challenging as finding a cure for cancer. Is it just me, or does this strike the rest of you as strange and supremely ironic? At February's LegalTech 2009 NY conference, there... Continue Reading →

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