The Social Media Jackpot

May 19 was a great day for social media enthusiasts as they watched the price of LinkedIn stock rocket.  The commentators were almost breathless as they reported each extraordinary increase in price over the course of the day: (@CNNMoney) LinkedIn shares open at $83, an 84% premium over the IPO price of $45. Continue Reading →

Is LinkedIn Working for You?

So now that you've moved past the early infatuation stage, is LinkedIn working for you? I'll freely admit that I'm thrilled that LinkedIn provides a way for others to update my rolodex. But past that, I'm not entirely sure where the value lies for a person like me. It's a different situation for folks in... Continue Reading →

Managing the Fire Hose

People talk about the velocity of current flows of information and inputs and say it's like drinking from a fire hose.  That's wishful thinking.  On far too many days, it feels more like living in the Lower Ninth Ward during Hurricane Katrina.  For Clay Shirky, that sense of drowning in information is a sure sign... Continue Reading →

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