Focus on the Present

One of the great challenges of KM 1.0 is that we have to make guesses about the future when populating our document repositories. When considering whether or not to add a particular document to the collection, we have to make a bet as to the likelihood that this particular content item will be useful or... Continue Reading →

KM Bribery

There have been some recent high profile investigations of bribery in the business world. Has anyone checked the knowledge management world? I've heard reports of cash rewards, gift cards and coveted electronics offered by various KM departments to induce knowledge workers to participate in KM systems. In what way are these not bribes? Here's the... Continue Reading →

Cash or Credit?

Given the economic realities of this year, many firms have found themselves unable to offer their employees material increases with respect to either salary or benefits. So how do you let colleagues know they are valued when you don't have cash?  It's simple -- use Credit. When I say "use credit," I don't mean to... Continue Reading →

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