Engaging the Elephant

In a time of economic and political upheaval, we need a better understanding of how and why people change. Traditional change management initiatives are not enough. The secret to successful change is engaging the elephant.

The Comfort Delusion

The last few years have been hard. But returning to the office will not automatically restore your comfort. We are different people post-lockdown. Our offices and work expectations must adapt.

Gratitude Creates Better Managers

Saying thank you seems like the simplest, most basic form of courtesy. Yet so often we forget to thank others for the big and small gifts we receive. This year, I am profoundly grateful for the gifts of life and health. Further, 2020's challenges have especially driven up the value of the gifts of family,... Continue Reading →

What Makes Lawyers So Challenging?

What makes lawyers so challenging? No, this is not the beginning of a lawyer joke! Rather it's the question that was answered at an informative session held at the Practising Law Institute in New York City.  As part of a day-long program on legal project management, the organizers asked Mark I. Sirkin, Ph.D., to speak... Continue Reading →

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