Milkshakes and Purple Cows

One persistent issue that arises in the world of knowledge management is how best to market your systems and services. Unfortunately, discussions of this issue often devolve into descriptions of tactics: launch email blitzkriegs, offer food to encourage attendance at training sessions, bribe potential users with the latest i-device or (in lower rent populations) Starbucks... Continue Reading →

What’s Your KM?

Critics says that the inability of knowledge management proponents to settle on a universally accepted definition of KM is a sign of failure. Others say that the lack of definition and resulting ambiguity present marvelous opportunities. If you are like me (i.e., firmly settled in the second camp), then it is doubly important not to... Continue Reading →

Take this E2.0 Pill

"Take this Enterprise 2.0 pill, it's good for you." These words seem to encapsulate how many organizations are encouraging the adoption of social media tools behind the firewall.  Unfortunately, the list of things that are good for us but we don't try is longer than any blog post I've ever written.  And yet we persist... Continue Reading →

Making Client Dreams Come True

Seth Godin recently wrote about Derek Sivers (founder of CDBaby), who built his company with one thought in mind: "What could I build that would be like a dream come true for independent musicians?"  The post ends with the following provocative statements: If your business is a dream come true for customers, you win. Game... Continue Reading →

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