Social Media Snake Oil

There are far too many snake oil salesmen in the social media business. If you believed their marketing claims, you might think that social media tools are the remedy for everything that ails you. Unfortunately, as more companies and individuals are finding out, that's simply not true. Equally, there are far too many uneducated consumers... Continue Reading →

A Social Media Challenge to Wimps

I'm a wimp. There.  Now you know. Since I was kid I've happily walked away from blood and gore on the screen.  Horror movies?  You can keep them.  Disaster scenarios?  Don't want them.  Nasty cops and robbers shows?  They are yours too.  The Sopranos?  Fuhgeddaboudit. The problem is that with the openness of social media,... Continue Reading →

My Low-Level Online War

Today is a day for confessions. While I place a very high premium on honesty, I have given myself leave to be "economical with the truth" in one particular area: when an online service starts asking for my personal data, I start obscuring the facts. For example, why does any social media platform need to... Continue Reading →

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