Talking About an Evolution

httpv:// All healthy things evolve. According to the comedian, Jimmy Fallon, even "Mom Dancing: evolves. If you don't believe him, take a look at the video above. (It's Friday, folks!) So if everything evolves, what's happening to your knowledge management program? Is it moving on an upwards trajectory as it adapts to meet new and... Continue Reading →

E2.0 Community Roles and Adoption Planning

Here are my notes from the second session of the Enterprise 2.o Black Belt Workshop:  Community Roles and Adoption Planning - A Critical Component of Org Change Management Speakers: Stan Garfield, Community Evangelist, Deloitte (@stangarfield) Luis Suarez, Knowledge Manager, Community Builder and Social Software Evangelist, IBM (@elsua) Background: [These are my quick notes, complete with ... Continue Reading →

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