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This publication contains my personal views and not necessarily those of my clients. Since I am a lawyer, I do need to tell you that this publication is not intended as legal advice or as an advertisement for legal services.
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  • http://blogger.seanabrady.net/ Sean Brady

    Mary this is a great resource on PKM! Very timely for me as well. Thanks!

  • http://www.ppcsoft.com/blog Atle Iversen

    Great links – PKM is a topic I have great interest in, and I couldn't agree more that we should focus more on individuals instead of the organization !

    My 2 cents on PKM and KM (shameless plug):

  • johnt

    An excerpt from my post on this topic:

    I’d also add that you don’t change the culture of the company, you create conditions to make a difference in an individuals experience. You give them an environment where they can more easily sensemake, and eventually this node connected environment will bring about a culture change without realising it…we hope…but it has to be a naturalistic approach.

  • VMaryAbraham

    Thanks, Sean. Hope these resources are helpful.

    - Mary

  • VMaryAbraham

    Thanks, Atle. And, thanks for the link as well.

    - Mary

  • VMaryAbraham

    John -

    Cultural change can happen, but it takes a long time. In the meantime,
    you're right that we need to focus on creating the right conditions to
    foster efficiency and efficacy.

    - Mary

  • http://speakerinteractive.com/ Swan

    Mary, thanks so much for moderating the chat on http://KMers.org as well as mentioning it in your post. Your advice as a board member is invaluable.

    Would love to see you blog about the experience of chatting and/or moderating on #KMers. Comparison with a webinar for knowledge sharing? Group phone call?.

    All the best,

  • http://aboveandbeyondkm.com Mary Abraham

    Thanks so much, Rob. Moderating the KMers’ tweet chat was a ton of fun. Because the session flew by at such a fast and furious pace, I found that I couldn’t take it all in at the time and ended the session quite breathless. In fact, I’m still recuperating. As part of that recuperation, I do need to process the experience and the amazing insights shared by participants. And I may well need to blog the event in order to process it. So, stay tuned!

    - Mary

  • Tony Karrer

    A couple of other resources:

    Tool Set 2009

    Work Literacy

  • VMaryAbraham

    Thanks so much, Tony.

    - Mary

  • VMaryAbraham

    Thanks so much, Tony.

    - Mary