Avoid a Darwin Award

The stories are awful, but you'll find it's hard to pull your eyes away the text. In fact, each story seems worse than the one before. After reading them, you can't help but ask yourself: Can anyone really be that dumb? What stories are these? They are reports of the exploits of the recipients of... Continue Reading →

Knowledge Sharing Toolkit

The ICT-KM program of the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research has created a Knowledge Sharing Toolkit that provides guidance and resources for organizations interested in developing knowledge sharing among their employees and constituents. Nancy White at Full Circle Associates asks that readers take a look at the Toolkit and send in their feedback. They... Continue Reading →

KM Library: Tools, Techniques and Case Studies

Hat tip to Caroline de Brún at Talking Knowledge Management who found this UK government site sponsored by the Improvement and Development Agency (I&DEA), KM Library: tools, techniques and case studies. It provides overviews on a wide range of KM tools including:- After Action Review- Case Study- Communities of Practice- Gone Well, Not Gone Well-... Continue Reading →

Dare to Share: Knowledge Management Toolkit

KM4Dev recently featured Dare to Share's Knowledge Management Toolkit. Beginning in April 2007 and running until December 2008, Dare to Share will highlight one proven KM and/or learning technique per month. Thus far, they have focused on:- After Action Review- Collegial Coaching- Yellow Pages- SWOT- Good Practice- Knowledge Fair- Exit Interview- Storytelling- Experience Capitalization- Mentoring-... Continue Reading →

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