KM Library: Tools, Techniques and Case Studies

Hat tip to Caroline de Brún at Talking Knowledge Management who found this UK government site sponsored by the Improvement and Development Agency (I&DEA), KM Library: tools, techniques and case studies. It provides overviews on a wide range of KM tools including:

– After Action Review
– Case Study
– Communities of Practice
– Gone Well, Not Gone Well
– Knowledge Cafe
– Knowledge Exchange
– Knowledge Marketplace
– Peer Assist
– Rapid Evidence Review
– Retrospective Review

According to I&DEA, these “knowledge management tools and techniques are designed for use in everyday work to improve the way we find, use, create, manage and share knowledge.” As with some of the other KM resources I’ve mentioned before (e.g., Dare to Share’s Knowledge Management Toolkit), I pass this along with the suggestion that you take a look to see if you find a tool or technique you haven’t tried before that might be appropriate for a KM problem or opportunity you are facing.

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