What ever happened to?

 Every so often magazines will run a feature that begins with the words, "What ever happened to...?" Sometimes, the question they ask is "Where are they now?" Often their curiosity is focused on child stars who once seemed ubiquitous but now have all but disappeared. There are even websites devoted to these critical questions. For those... Continue Reading →

Teamwork is Hard Work

Most blog posts I publish here are written from my home office in New York City.  This one is an outlier -- I'm writing from the balcony of my hotel room, which overlooks the Mediterranean. What brings me to the French Riviera? Believe it or not, work. (It's hard work, but someone's got to do... Continue Reading →

Mark the Occasion

 It's graduation season again. Families all over the country will travel to academic institutions near and far to celebrate the completion by their loved ones of a course of study. Part and parcel of the process are the obligatory speeches*: the largely forgettable speeches filled with unwanted advice rendered in solemn tones by local worthies;... Continue Reading →

If Southwest Airlines Ran Your Law Firm

Earlier this year I wrote a post entitled, If Dominos Ran Your Law Firm. That post focused on the window on its operations that Dominos Pizza provides to its customers via the Dominos Tracker. Of course, I was drawing a pointed contrast with the lack of transparency that most law firms offer to their clients.... Continue Reading →

Don’t Leave Talent on the Table

Have you ever made the mistake of leaving talent on the table when hiring or staffing? If so, you should consider what Robert Austin has to say in the video below about the Danish software testing company, Specialisterne. This company recruits and retains a workforce that is uniquely suited to the rigors of software testing.... Continue Reading →

When Collaboration is For the Birds

Collaboration is key.  We're told by social media mavens that it powers networks and unlocks the potential within individuals and the groups with which they associate.  However, collaboration is not always an unalloyed good. Sometimes it can go badly wrong. Now, before you throw me out of the social media club, consider the following: collaboration... Continue Reading →

Find Your Focus

New Year, new beginnings. At this point in the calendar, the blogosphere is full of lots of advice for those of us who welcome the opportunity of a new beginning.  Since I'd like to avoid here one of the besetting sins of bloggers (i.e., hypocrisy), I'm going to restrict myself to sharing advice that I'm... Continue Reading →

Coping with Uncertainty

It's been over three years since the financial crisis of 2008.  Joblessness is high, optimism low.  Just in the last four months alone, the New York area has had epic weather (Hurricane Irene, floods, the Halloween blizzard) and an earthquake. Worst of all, no one knows when the turmoil (natural or economic) will end. Is... Continue Reading →

A Modest Proposal to Improve Meetings

"Meetings: the credible alternative to work." That is the wry conclusion emblazoned on a mug that sits on my desk. It's a useful daily reminder. However, until all of you get a mug like that to remind yourselves about the huge corporate waste represented by bad meetings, I'd like to make the following modest proposal... Continue Reading →

Taming the KM Menagerie

Just when you thought it was safe, I'm here to warn you to look out for the knowledge management menagerie.  What's in that menagerie? Animals that can upset an otherwise well-designed KM program.  With some thought, we probably could identify enough animals to populate a zoo.  However, since this is a blog post and not... Continue Reading →

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