A Law Firm Lesson from Apple

Okay. I'll admit to a fangirl moment (or three) as I watched the much-anticipated Apple announcement. Apple had lots of good news for device junkies: bigger and better phones and a gorgeous new watch. Wedged between the announcements about new devices, however, was an interesting introduction to an innovative service: Apple Pay. In brief, Apple... Continue Reading →

A Fitter Bit for Lawyers?

One of the biggest stories at the recent South by Southwest Interactive Festival (SXSW) concerned wearable technology. This technology comes in the form of accessories (e.g., wristbands, watches, rings, pendants, bags, etc.) and clothing that collect and process data or provide other functionality. Most folks are familiar with Fitbit, Google Glass and the Pebble watch,... Continue Reading →

G100 CIO Recap #ILTA12

At every ILTA conference the chief information officers of the 100 largest global law firms have a day-long meeting. This session provides a recap for those of us who were unable to attend the full day session. Speakers: Gareth Ash (CIO, Allen & Overy), Ash Banerjee (CIO, WilmerHale), Don Jaycox (CIO, DLA Piper), Andy Jurczyk... Continue Reading →

Augment Your Reality

Science fiction isn't just for futurists. It's today's reality. It used to be that people with wild imaginations wrote improbable stories for a sci-fi audience and then later, perhaps even decades later, those imaginings might become reality.  For example, Jules Verne, an astonishingly imaginative author, wrote in the mid-19th century about fantastical things that we... Continue Reading →

Don’t Harm the Humans

In the midst of a lively, thoughtful discussion, one of my friends and colleagues asked for a moment's silence to take note of the fact that Mary Abraham had just endorsed automation over human action. This led to gales of laughter. Why? Because over the years I've become reasonably well-known in legal knowledge management circles... Continue Reading →

CoIT: An IT Nightmare?

For the average worker, it might seem like a dream come true. However, I suspect that some information technology folks consider it a nightmare. What's the issue? The advent of the consumerization of IT; something Scott Finnie calls "CoIT." Dion Hinchcliffe describes the elements of  CoIT in the following way: 1) businesses taking more local... Continue Reading →

Is Your IT System Like a Kindle?

Dig deeply enough and you'll find that every knowledge management or IT professional has a story about a deployment gone bad.  If you push them hard enough, they might even confess that they were partially responsible for the unsatisfactory results.  Of course, the less than honest will blame the vendor or, more often than not,... Continue Reading →

Google Plus and Greta Garbo

Greta Garbo would have hated Google+.  To be honest, she probably would have hated Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and MySpace as well.  However, after spending just a short while on Google+, I can see that it would really have given her hives. For those of you who actually have been on vacation these last few days... Continue Reading →

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