The Diabolical Mirage

Thanks to the current talent war, organizations are looking for new ways to recruit and retain employees. Unlimited vacation is becoming a popular perk. But will it work for you?

Quiet Quitting 101

Thanks to a tight labor market, some American workers are enjoying a brief moment in the sun during which they can negotiate for a better work life. If this is not your situation, should you consider quiet quitting?

2022 or 2020-Too?

If the first quarter of this year is a portent, 2022 promises to be challenging. So how do we ensure that 2022 is not a repeat of 2020? Retreating to 2019 is not the answer. Instead, use what we've learned since 2020 to improve our outcomes.

Renovation Required

Over the next few days, we'll be renovating this site. My hope is that this process will largely be invisible to you until it is over. However, if things do not go as planned, you may get a notification about your subscription. I hope you'll pardon the interruption and join me for the next phase of this journey.

AI Practice and Ethics for KM

A conversation about responsible AI, machine learning, ethics, and knowledge management. Boinodiris and Snowden discuss the differences between human and machine intelligence and what happens when we blindly rely on machines.

Intelligent Search in Action

Hear how one organization used intelligent search to enable frontline professionals to streamline access to knowledge and information reducing average handle time of client service requests and increase speed to proficiency for new hires.

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