Gratitude Creates Better Managers

Saying thank you seems like the simplest, most basic form of courtesy. Yet so often we forget to thank others for the big and small gifts we receive. This year, I am profoundly grateful for the gifts of life and health. Further, 2020's challenges have especially driven up the value of the gifts of family,... Continue Reading →

Keynote: Responsible AI – Ethics and Inclusive Design #KMWorld

Speakers: Jean-Claude Monney, Board of Directors Member, Keeeb; Phaedra Boinodiris, IBM Academy of Technology, Executive Consultant, Trustworthy and Responsible Systems; and Steve Sweetman, Customer & Strategy Lead, Ethics & Society Engineering, Microsoft Session Description: Join our exploration into the future of AI and other emerging tech as it transforms the knowledge sharing, collaboration and innovation... Continue Reading →

Keynote: The Role of Knowledge and Information in Crisis Management #KMWorld

Speaker: Dave Snowden, Chief Scientific Officer, Cognitive Edge Session Description: Crisis management has moved from planning to a day-to-day reality. However organizations are ill equipped to manage a situation where we are dealing with unknown unknowables or have to deal with multiple Black Elephants (something that changes everything!) competing for resources and attention. What is... Continue Reading →

Digital Workspaces of the Future: Industry Insights #KMWorld

Speakers: Clint Patterson, Senior Solution Consultant, Simpplr; Dave Dumler, Head of Product Marketing, Panopto; Eric Storm, VP, North America, Starmind; and Sarah Dobson, New Business Account Manager, Starmind Session Description: Using real-world examples, our industry leaders share how their KM solutions are driving smarter, better business interactions with top-notch knowledge flows in their client organizations.... Continue Reading →

Keynote: Revolutionizing KM with AI & Document Understanding #KMWorld

Speaker: Paul Nelson, Innovation Lead, Search & Content Analytics, Accenture Session Description: Intelligent document understanding is drastically changing the search and knowledge management landscape thanks to AI technologies. As 80% of all enterprise data is unstructured, document understanding delivers tangible benefits across industries and business functions saving time, money and resources. Paul highlights how one... Continue Reading →

Keynote: Not Knowing #KMWorld

Speaker: David Weinberger, Author, Everything is Miscellaneous, Too Big to Know & his latest, Everyday Chaos: Technology, Complexity, & How We're Thriving in a New World of Possibility Session Description: How We're Thriving in a New World of Possibility Through stories from history, business, and technology, philosopher and technologist David Weinberger finds the unifying truths... Continue Reading →

Leveraging KM, Collaboration, & Communication Techniques in the Virtual World: Optimizing Virtual Work Hubs #KMWorld

Speakers: Kim Glover, Director, Innovative Learning & Knowledge Mgmt., TechnipFMC; and Tamara Viles, Innovative Learning & KM Program Manager, TechnipFMC Session Description: A few months ago, we thought the virtual workplace was a bullet train. But the COVID-19 crisis has upgraded our journey from bullet train to supersonic jet. Working optimally in the virtual environment... Continue Reading →

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