Do You Really Know?

Do you really know how your colleagues work? Do you really know what they need? Are you sure? If you don't truly understand them, how can you provide the right knowledge management and technology support to help them? Every time I hear someone in law firm knowledge management or IT say "Our lawyers would never...,"... Continue Reading →

Light Bulbs in Las Vegas [#ILTA10]

How many light bulbs are in Las Vegas casino lights? According to WikiAnswers, 9,000,000 light bulbs per floor. Last week, however, the International Legal Technology Association's 2010 annual conference resulted in a great deal more light in Vegas as one informative session after another caused "light bulbs to go off in my head."  There were... Continue Reading →

Matter-Based Budgeting [#ILTA10]

Budgeting transcends all sorts of fee arrangements -- whether hourly billing or alternative fee arrangements. So we should not limit the discussion to a particular kind of matter or billing approach. "This session [outlines] the essential elements required to develop a matter-based budget and how to track progress against it." Panelists: William Auther, Partner, Bowman... Continue Reading →

An #ILTA10 Survival Guide

To be honest, I found my first ILTA Conference a little overwhelming and wished I had been given more advice about how to take advantage of what was offered without crashing and burning. My solution was to do as much as I could and sleep as little as I could, but I acknowledge that this... Continue Reading →

Navigating the #ILTA10 Schedule

Too many choices! That was the reaction of one ILTA 2010 attendee. And, he is an ILTA Conference veteran. For the newcomer, those choices can seem overwhelming. The availability of so many educational options is a testament to the marvelous work done by my colleagues on the Conference Planning Committee and the ILTA staff, but... Continue Reading →

Bags and Baggage

Friday was crazy busy as I tried to wrap things up at work, while completing final preparations for ILTA 2010. In the midst of all of this, I found myself focused on bags and baggage: For a variety of reasons, I have to take a ton of gear with me to ILTA -- several mobile... Continue Reading →

#ILTA10 Tweetup

What's a tweetup? According to the Urban Dictionary, there are at least a couple of definitions: An organized or impromptu gathering of people that use Twitter. (A meet up of people that 'tweet' using Twitter.) A gathering of nerds attempting social contact, likely for the first time. Usually disintegrates into everyone running to the nearest... Continue Reading →

Enterprise 2.0 at #ILTA10

If you've been curious about social media and how to use these tools in your law firm or law department, the ILTA 2010 Conference has several sessions that will help you. In particular, ILTA is offering a full day of sessions on Wednesday, August 25,that will lead you through some inspirational and intensely pragmatic aspects... Continue Reading →

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