#ILTA10 Tweetup

What’s a tweetup? According to the Urban Dictionary, there are at least a couple of definitions:

An organized or impromptu gathering of people that use Twitter. (A meet up of people that ‘tweet’ using Twitter.)

A gathering of nerds attempting social contact, likely for the first time. Usually disintegrates into everyone running to the nearest computer to type to one another.

Regardless of which definition you prefer, I’m here to attest to the fun and function of tweetups. If you’ve spent even a short time with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or any of the other popular social networking platforms, you’ll appreciate the amazing networks that can develop online. But even the best virtual relationships can benefit from a little face to face time. The organizers of ILTA’s 2010 Conference understand this and are, therefore, hosting a tweetup for all attendees involved in social media.

If you’d like to meet old friends or make “real” friends of virtual ones, please join us (IRL)* on Sunday, August 22, at 4:00pm in the Bluethorn 5 meeting room. ILTA will provide the venue and light refreshments. We’re hoping that you will provide the good cheer and energy that make tweetups a highlight of social networking.

I look forward to seeing you there!

*IRL means “in real life” as opposed to “in virtual life.”

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