More Sharing, Not Less

Rees Morrison reports that clients get unhappy when their lawyers have internal meetings. According to some of the general counsel he works with, these meetings are seen as unnecessary additions to the bill. Meanwhile, their outside counsel know that these meetings have been a traditional means of sharing important matter information and, thereby, promoting efficiency. ... Continue Reading →

Does Caution Prevent Productivity?

Be honest. Are you cautious because you really are trying to reach the right decision OR because you're trying to avoid responsibility? After my last post, True Productivity, Rees Morrison and I got into an interesting offline chat about whether the "Just do it" camp was wise to throw caution to the wind in order... Continue Reading →

True Productivity

How productive are you?   Really??? A recent post by Rees Morrison on the subject of productivity caught my eye. In it he described the "five-or-10-minute rule," which recommends that you wait five or 10 minutes between the time you write an e-mail message and the time you send it. The theory is that this... Continue Reading →

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