What’s Your Social Media Status?

KMWorld is running a survey about various tools and vendors. Among the areas under scrutiny is Social Media. Here’s what KM World wants to know:

What is your CURRENT status regarding…Social Media and related tools?

  • Deployed enterprise wide in multiple departments
  • Deployed effectively in specific departments
  • Currently deploying; not effective yet
  • Under investigation
  • Don’t know

How would you answer that question?  If you work in a law firm, it’s most likely one of the last three responses (i.e., currently deploying but not effective yet, under investigation, don’t know).

It’s still early days for social media within law firms, but that’s no excuse for sticking your head in the sand. This is promising technology that has the potential to make our workflows and information flows easier and more intuitive. It’s also challenging technology that rarely can be implemented out of the box with stellar results. There are no shortcuts.  You have to do the hard work of tailoring it to the people, culture and processes of your organization. However, if you are up to the challenge, you stand to win significant rewards.

If you are interested in improving your firm’s social media deployment behind the firewall, here are some resources to help you along the way:


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