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  • The Change Management Challenge of Legal Project Management

    Andrew Terrett (Director of Knowledge Management, BLG) and Joshua Fireman (VP and General Counsel, ii3) presented a full-day workshop on legal project management (LPM) at the Ark Group Legal Knowledge Management Conference (October 26, 2010). Here are my notes.

    The presenters ran out of time — after a busy, information-filled day. So we ended the day with a brief discussion about Change Management and the other challenges of legal project management (LPM).

    Change Management for LPM (courtesy of John Kotter)

    1. Create a sense of urgency
    2. Build commitment
    3. Develop a sense of urgency
    4. Communicate the change vision
    5. Develop an organization to effect change
    6. Deliver short-term successes
    7. Consoliate wins and produce more wins
    8. Institutionalize change.

    Eight Common Errors & Their Consequences (courtesy of Andrew Terrett and Joshua Fireman)

    1. Allowing too much complacency
    2. Failing to create sufficiently powerful guiding coalition
    3. Underestimating the power of the vision
    4. Under-communicating the the vision
    5. Permitting obstacles to block the vision
    6. Failing to create short-term wins
    7. Declaring victory too soon
    8. Neglecting to anchor changes in the corporate vision

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