The Law Firm Infographic Challenge

fresh and direct We’re hosting a dinner party on Friday night.  To maximize our chances of delivering a delicious meal, I’ve already determined the menu and drafted a work plan that will allow us to prepare ahead for the dinner. We are organized!

However, there is a small potential problem. Since I’m fully committed with work and extra-curricular activities this week, I don’t actually have time to go to the grocery store before our dinner party. Not to worry, we’ve got FreshDirect. Those of you who don’t live in New York City may not be familiar with this amazing gift to working folks.  FreshDirect has a fabulous website that offers food, drink, household items and recipes.  All I have to do is place my order and choose a delivery time.  Then I simply sit back until the food arrives almost magically at my door.

While the transaction may seem like a magic trick to me, The New York Times published an infographic that shows exactly what’s involved in delivering a food order placed with FreshDirect. To be honest, my initial reaction upon seeing the infographic was amazement that the process was so complicated. My second reaction was profound relief. The infographic illustrates the degree to which FreshDirect has analyzed its business and set up its processes to ensure that its service levels keep customers like me delighted.

Taking a page out of Freshdirect’s book, here’s the challenge for you: would your law firm be able to generate a comparable infographic that shows with reasonable accuracy all the steps required to deliver services at levels that consistently delight your clients?

Try it. You might be stunned to discover how little you actually know about how your business really operates.

[Photo Credit: Adrian Duckett]

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