Aspiring to KM Geekdom

While I don’t have a snowball’s chance in any place warm of ever achieving geekdom, I couldn’t resist testing my abilities against Gizmodo’s The 50 Skills Every Geek Should Have. I flunked — but I’m not too worried. In fact, I suspect that I’m in pretty good company.

That said, I do sometimes wonder what a comparable list for knowledge managers would contain. To do our work well, we need a strange mix of technical and people skills, as well as substantive legal knowledge if you’re working in the world of law firms, for example. So here’s my first stab at a list for knowledge management — in no particular order:

1. Superior listening skills
2. Empathy
3. The ability to translate from user speak to “geek speek”
4. Skills in organizing chaos
5. Analytical ability
6. Superior persuasive writing and speaking skills
7. No tendency to technophobia
8. Deep knowledge of human nature
9. Openmindedness
10. A willingness to plan cooperatively via an iterative process rather than imposing solutions
11. Basic kindergarten competence (i.e., plays nicely with others, doesn’t run with scissors, etc.)
12. Ability to build strong and productive teams
13. Creativity
14. An understanding of database configuration and functionality
15. An understanding of social computing
16. An understanding of law firm (or your industry’s) economics
17. ?

What would you add? What would you omit? Why?