Where’s the E2.0 Beef?

You’ve got to help me out folks! Sometimes it feels like I’ve been a voice crying in the wilderness, telling the good news of Enterprise 2.0 to anyone in the law firm world that will listen. The problem is that we’re not seeing a whole lot of law firm adoption success stories.

Why? Are law firms keeping quiet about their progress in order to protect their competitive edge? Or are they quiet because there isn’t much to talk about. If it’s the former, just send me a message on the QT letting me know that good things are happening. Then I’ll just wait patiently for your official press release before blogging about it. If it’s the latter, can someone please tell me why?

In fairness, lawyers may not be all that different than people in other industries. A vendor recently observed that while there is a lot of E2.0 hype generally, success (in his view) seems to be sporadic, localized and shallow rather than persistent, widespread and deep. Again I ask, why?

I’m spending this week at the Enterprise 2.0 Conference in Boston. While I’m sure the vendor announcements will be interesting, I’m primarily interested in learning why adoption seems to be slow and what we can do about it. Stay tuned.


For those of you who love contests, PBworks is sponsoring the The Enterprise 2.0 Players Deck.  I was pleasantly surprised to find my name among the E2.0 bloggers.  If you’d like to help out (and you have a Twitter account), please vote.

[Photo Credit: David Gallagher]