By way of Introduction…

Here’s a little background on who I am and why I’ve started this blog.

I started professional life as a lawyer in a terrific New York City law firm. Over the years, my professional focus has shifted from doing deals efficiently to helping my colleagues do deals efficiently. In the process, I’ve learned a lot about collaboration with and without the benefit of technology. I’ve also learned how truly valuable our knowledge is and how hard it is to capture and reuse it in meaningful ways.

Big city law firms are known to be challenging places to work. Clients and colleagues expect work product of such high levels that lawyers and support staff often labor far beyond the confines of the normal business day to meet these expectations. In this context, every enhancement of efficiency, every simplification of business process can add meaningfully to the quality of work and the quality of life.

This makes my job pretty straightforward in some respects and incredibly daunting in others. I’m constantly in search of more effective ways to improve the quality of work for our clients and the quality of life for my colleagues. As I tackle these challenges, this blog will function in part as a conversation about the issues I face and the alternatives I see. Over time, I hope this blog will be a record of the evolution of a knowledge worker and of the discipline of knowledge management.

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